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The Board is vested with powers and duties to manage and supervise the Company’s administration and operations as set forth in the Companies Act, the Articles of Association, and other applicable Finnish laws and regulations. The Company aims to comply with all other applicable rules and regulations affecting the Company or its affiliates (Group Companies) outside Finland, provided that such compliance does not constitute a violation of Finnish law.

The Board has a general obligation to pursue the best interests of the Company and all its shareholders, and is accountable to the Company’s shareholders. The members of the Board of Directors shall act in good faith and with due care, exercising their business judgment on an informed basis in what they believe to be the best interests of the Company and its shareholder community as a whole.

The Board of Directors shall decide on the business strategy of the Company, the appointment and dismissal of the President and CEO, the deputy to the President and CEO, and other senior management, Group structure, acquisitions and divestments, financial matters, and investments. It shall also continuously review and monitor the operations and performance of Group Companies, risk management, and the Company’s compliance with applicable laws, as well as any other issues determined by the Board of Directors. The Board shall keep itself informed of issues and business activities of major strategic importance to the Company on an ongoing basis.

The Board shall appoint a secretary to be present at all Board meetings.