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Konecranes certified inspectors and trained technicians provide an accurate assessment of the condition of your equipment. They evaluate risks, identify improvement opportunities and provide recommendations. An active preventive maintenance program is crucial to improving safety and productivity. Preventive maintenance can reduce downtime and increase reliability. We create a proactive customized maintenance plan based on your equipment, application and duty cycle.

Preventive maintenance inspections

Preventive maintenance inspections identify risks and improvement opportunities. Our vast experience and expertise allow us to tailor preventive maintenance to each manufacturer’s recommendations.

Our trained technicians utilize our proprietary MAINMAN maintenance software and procedures.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance has been designed to perform maintenance work, such as adjusting and lubricating with the intent of satisfying manufacturers’ maintenance instructions.

Regular routine maintenance can help reduce component wear and unplanned stoppages, and maintain equipment performance and availability.

Compliance inspections

Compliance inspections are designed to satisfy regulatory requirements. Our trained inspectors and technicians are your go-to experts on local regulations. In some countries, regulations require the use of a third party.