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An Integrated Aluminum Facility was experiencing frequent breakdowns. Konecranes proposed a proactive plan for inspections, repairs and maintenance to bring their cranes up to code and reduce their downtime.


An integrated aluminum and smelting facility, located in the East Coast, is one of the longest continually operating aluminum facilities in the world. Its products serve the automotive, industrial, and aerospace industries. Their cranes range in size from ten to fifty tons and are used to handle molten metal and to transport the finished product. Seven years ago, the integrated aluminum facility handled all crane maintenance work internally. After three years of contacting the company, Konecranes was able to arrange a meeting to discuss benefits of the MAINMAN preventive maintenance program. They liked the idea of a proactive plan for inspections, repairs, and maintenance, but because they had an in-house crane maintenance team, they did not have a need for it at that time.


The next year, the integrated aluminum facility called Konecranes with an urgent need for a complete inspection to be performed on one of their cranes. Many of their other cranes were experiencing frequent breakdowns as well. The technicians completed the emergency inspection and submitted a comprehensive MAINMAN report which included a detailed assessment of the crane. The integrated aluminum facility was so impressed with the crew and the quality of their work that they turned over 15 more of their cranes for the same process. The inspections showed that many cranes were not up to code. Konecranes was asked to complete all of the repairs in a process that took two years to complete.


After the extensive repair process, the cranes are in better overall condition. Konecranes has an annual contract for inspections and planned maintenance, which helps keep all of their cranes running in top condition. The amount of downtime and unplanned repairs has decreased significantly at the plant. The integrated aluminum facility now saves over $45,000 USD annually in inspection and preventive maintenance costs. Konecranes also performs preventive maintenance and has a site contract on all of the below the hook devises at other areas of the work site.