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Raheel, development manager

My name is Raheel and I joined Konecranes already 2011 as a thesis worker. Nowadays I’m responsible for managing development related to Industrial Internet, digital services and platforms. What I love about my work is that I get to leverage the principles of Lean, Agile and Design thinking to our development practices. Even though much of the work is technical, digital service creation is about people – customers and developers, and our ways of working.​

What has changed in the past 5 years at the company?

Industrial internet has really taken flight, although originally introduced as a Konecranes Key Initiative back in 2012. This has for instance changed the way we develop customer portals like, how we improve customers’ safety through solutions like Workzones - a geofence based solution that automatically enforces certain constraints on machines when they enter/leave defined zones.​

What continues to surprise me?

Although the core business of manufacturing machines may seem to be dull from outside but in reality its truly magical, in terms of experience, when we are trying to make these dull machines super smart. The 4th industrial revolution is upon us and its the manufacturing industry that will be affected the most, especially now that technologies like AI,ML,AR/VR, Edge/Cloud computing are in their tipping point.​

At Konecranes, we believe that great customer experience is built on the people behind the Konecranes name. We want to you meet some of our technology developers through our Meet the Developer series; Matti, Sami, Abass, Mikko, Laura, Toni and Raheel.

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