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Matti, Head of Research and Innovation

Hi, I am Matti and I am the Head of Research and Innovation at Konecranes.

Our team at Konecranes Research & Innovation studies new technologies to see how mature and relevant they are for our industry, and then we funnel this information back to our development organization.

My work is a lot about communications. Technology scene is changing so fast that we need to actively collaborate with universities and research bodies, startup hubs and software companies. This extended ecosystem helps us to create new technologies and also to follow what is happening in the markets.

Every year we have tens of summer trainees joining Konecranes and participating to Open to Ideas innovation challenge where they solve real business problems. Already 10 years of O2I challenges – I would call this a tradition.

The best thing about my work is stay on top of new technologies. For instance NB-IoT looks really promising and Konecranes has the privilege to do first R&D pilots with it.


At Konecranes, we believe that great customer experience is built on the people behind the Konecranes name. We want to you meet some of our technology developers through our Meet the Developers series; Matti, Sami, Abass, Mikko, Laura, Toni and Raheel.

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