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Mikko, Director, IT BA Service

Hello, I am Mikko and I work as a Director, IT BA Service.

I joined Konecranes already in 2001, as an IT Specialist. Since then, I’ve worked in several managerial positions. Nowadays I’m Director for a unit that provides IT Services to our Business Area Service. If you are interested in joining Konecranes, follow up our open positions in the Konecranes Career site!

Konecranes drives modern software development methods, and at the moment I’m supporting business and IT in taking Scrum into use. Scrum methodology and experimenting fits our thinking very well; every three weeks you re-evaluate where you are and whether to readjust the course.


At Konecranes, we believe that great customer experience is built on the people behind the Konecranes name. We want to you meet some of our technology developers through our Meet the Developer series; Matti, Sami, Abass, Mikko, Laura, Toni and Raheel.

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