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Sami, industrial designer

Hello, my name is Sami. I am a designer creating concept, product, service and strategic design.

What makes a good Industrial Designer?
You have to know the users of the product or service and use that knowledge to broaden your imagination.  Then you need that knowledge to pinpoint what is truly meaningful for our customers and users and create solution for that need. You have to be highly skilled in drawing and producing visual material to support and convey ideas and design solutions. Good industrial designer can explore in the unknown and come out from that with a solutions that make sense. ​
What have you learned during your 9 years at Konecranes?
I have learned that all the projects are unique and need different skill sets. You need to learn and develop new skills to meet the need of the projects and keep up with the general development on how the world is running. I have also learned that you need to be able to see the big picture the be successful in the long run.      ​

What new opportunities digitalization brings to Industrial Design?
Nowadays you can generate really fast high quality design iterations in physical and graphical product development environment. Digitalization has also given us the access to make more meaningful and complete experiences for our users and customers. It gives us opportunity to cross borders between the existing processes, equipment and interfaces and fuse them to work in harmony.   ​


At Konecranes, we believe that great customer experience is built on the people behind the Konecranes name. We want to you meet some of our technology developers through our Meet the Developer series; Matti, Sami, Abass, Mikko, Laura, Toni and Raheel.