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Corporate Responsibility

We believe that sustainable growth results from strong, responsible performance. Our aim is to create added value for our stakeholders by acting in a responsible way towards our people, societies and in the environment. By driving fair practices and high ethical standards, we can deliver long lasting impacts and generate better financial results. Continuous improvement is the guiding principle in everything we do.

Our commitments towards responsibility can be seen for example in our Code of Conduct and in our safety and environmental policies. In practice, this means that we continuously improve the performance of our products, processes and services. We deliver our commitments through real improvements and valuable work – building up benefits both for the business and the environment, lifting our customers’ businesses beyond the actual lifting of goods and things in their operations.

Our Corporate Responsibility strategy is divided into four key focus areas: Safety, Environment, People, and Integrity. We have defined our key corporate responsibility themes by conducting a materiality assessment. We have also reviewed the megatrends impacting our business and analyzed, which of the UN Sustainable Development Goals are most relevant to our organization, and how we can make an impact through them.

We have set 2020 targets for all focus areas and regularly monitor our performance and progress. Read more about how we manage our major economic, environmental and social impacts from our Annual Report 2017.

We keep a comprehensive understanding of our stakeholders’ views and expectations, which offers us an excellent basis for consistent corporate responsibility work. Our key corporate responsibility themes are described below:



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