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Downtime Calculator

An active preventive maintenance program is crucial to improving safety and productivity. Preventive maintenance can reduce downtime and increase reliability. If one of your cranes goes down, how much is it really costing you?

Downtime is the total time interval between when a crane goes down to when it is fully operational again. This period includes time for set-up, repair and travel. It also includes any rework time necessary after initial repairs have been completed. If you don't know a value for any field, enter '0' or leave the field blank.

Production employee cost per hour

Employee costs include crane operators, riggers and all production-related workers who cannot do their jobs without the use of the crane.

Production cost per hour

Production costs include the value of the product produced expressed as either lost revenue or lost profits. It also includes scrap (product that cannot be reworked) and rework costs associated with re-doing an operation (not scrap) such as time for machine set-up, running, queuing, waiting, storage, etc.
Operational overhead charges include costs to run a machine that cannot be shut down. Or, if the machine can be shut down, the cost to restart it. Other typical overhead costs include heating, lighting and other fixed expenses.

Internal repair cost per hour

Internal repair costs not only include the costs associated with the actual repair, such as material, freight and installation, but also the internal charges for procuring the parts and equipment. This includes all processing costs such as parts ordering, expediting orders, invoicing and administrative support.

Opportunity cost per hour

Opportunity costs are the costs you pay for not doing the operation. They are commonly equated to the value of the next highest profitable activity you could be doing, but can’t because you don’t have use of the crane.

Total hourly cost of downtime

  • Employee costs: 0
  • Production costs: 0
  • Repair costs: 0
  • Opportunity costs: 0

At Konecranes, we believe merely keeping your cranes running is not sufficient. We must also help you achieve the highest productivity during every shift.

Lifecycle Care is our comprehensive and systematic approach to maintenance, supported by world-class tools and processes. Lifecycle Care results in highest lifecycle value – maximizing the productivity of uptime and minimizing the cost of downtime.

Contact us today to set up your maintenance plan.

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