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shipyard cranes Delivery Concept

Konecranes Shipyards

After defining the right product concept for your needs, we develop and produce the delivery concept with you. Here, the most important question concerns the scope of delivery. In our terminology, we divide the scope into three levels:

1. Technology: design, components, supervision and commissioning
2. Turnkey: full design and delivery responsibility
3. Complete package: turnkey and maintenance contract

The delivery concept is an optimization of cost, delivery time, and any limitations that your crane site may have. The quality of our delivery is a Konecranes standard that we adhere to in every case.

Our own in-house parts are complemented with components from top brand suppliers. We will not accept any LCC components in our designs without extensive checks and pre-testing.

The production of steel structures is sub-contracted under close Konecranes supervision. We use long-term partners who are as close as possible to your site to keep transport costs down.

Based on your operational limitations, we will either ship the crane ready-assembled or ship the parts and erect the crane at your site. We always keep your current operations in mind and we always do our best to minimize interruptions caused by our work.

The next phase is start-up and testing. First, we tune and test the crane so we know it is safe, reliable, and operating according to its technical specifications. Then we ask your people to verify its operation in client witness tests.

After handover, our commissioning engineers will not leave your site until the crane is working to the satisfaction of your operators. A happy operator is a safe and efficient operator.

Once commissioning is done, we agree with you about how we should train and supervise your personnel as they start to use the crane.