Crane Retrofits

Hoist Replacement

Has your hoist reached the end of its productive design life? No matter how well maintained, your hoist will not last forever.

Konecranes CXT® hoists can be retrofitted onto most cranes. Our pre-engineered hoist retrofits are designed for easy installation, causing minimal disturbance to your production.

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Smart features

A host of Smart Features can be added to your overhead crane to give you more control over material handling in your production process.

Sway Control is designed to automatically limit load swing by controlling the bridge and trolley acceleration and deceleration rates.

Shock Load Prevention allows for smooth load control. If an attempt is made to pick up a load too abruptly, hoisting speed is automatically and immediately adjusted.

Protected Areas are no-go areas, which the crane operator cannot override or adjust.

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Led lighting retrofit for cranes

Traditional metal-halide or halogen lights have a short service life and can suffer from damage due to vibrations, resulting in increased costs and less-efficient operations. With an LED Lighting Retrofit you get lights that have a much longer service life, and your lights will be far less prone to damage from vibration.

Traditional lighting can account for 50 to 90 percent of electricity used by a crane. Lighting is, therefore, a major cost in all crane operations. LED lights provide the same degree of lighting to the working area than standard lights, yet consume little more than one third of the energy.

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Get connected to your crane fleet

A remote service connection can be installed as a retrofit kit for your existing industrial cranes to give you access to TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring. TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring provides asset usage and operating information that is used to assess crane condition. It also notifies you of hoist overloads, emergency-stops and over-temperature occurrences through text or email alerts, allowing for prompt response.

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