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Building a new manufacturing facility

ATA Gears, Tampere, Finland

ATA Gears is a well-known Finnish company that designs, manufactures and sells cogwheels. It serves many maritime customers, with prime export markets in Norway, Japan and China. ATA opened a new factory in Tampere in 2009, with the goal of beginning full-capacity manufacturing in 2013.

For its new production facility, ATA sought modern and efficient ways to move production pieces to all its machines and workstations. The company wanted to implement its new equipment with a focus on safe lifting and user comfort to streamline the manufacturing process.

A smart crane for better results

“It was obvious that Konecranes was a strong candidate for supplying the new crane,” said Erkki Toimela, Line Manager at ATA Gears.

We delivered a Smart CXT bridge crane with a lifting capacity of 10 tons to the new facility. The crane is capable of performing many lifting tasks, including machine maintenance. We equipped the crane with many of our Smart Features to provide optimal operator control: Working Limits, Sway Control, Positioning, Protected Areas, Microspeed, Shock Load Prevention and Extended Speed Range (ESR). Additionally, the easy-to-use radio control of the smart crane provides real-time data on the weight and position of a load in relation to available workspace.

A successful collaboration

All went according to budget and schedule, and both groups considered the project a success. “If and when we need more products, it is naturally in our interest to continue cooperation with Konecranes,” Toimela said.

When the need arises, Konecranes will be there to provide ATA with equipment and services to keep its operations running their best.