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The strength of experience

Konecranes has the expertise and the technology to help you perform the tough, dangerous lifting work required in the steel industry. We began manufacturing overhead cranes in the 1930s and have since acquired companies with experience dating back to 1884. Konecranes technical and service teams are expert in every stage of steel manufacturing; constantly striving to help you produce more steel. 

Lifting through every process in the mill

We work with you to provide equipment to lift heavy and dangerous items throughout your operation, from moving iron ore and recycled steel to pouring hot metal and shaping products in the rolling mill.

In-house analysis and engineering

We pride ourselves on our technical connection to the steel industry. Many of our engineers have worked in steel production, so we’re well equipped to design equipment suitable for work in a steel-making environment. We do not outsource our core skills. We exercise those skills in-house, in the development and service of tough and reliable lifting equipment.

Using the latest technology

We understand how critical lifting technology is throughout the steel production process. Our continuous investments in R&D drive our innovation. Our Smart Features, such as Sway Control, Target Positioning and Protected Areas, help reduce operator error. Our energy-saving technology uses regenerative network braking to reduce electricity costs and environmental impact.

Keeping your crane running

We offer complete maintenance services and component surveys to help keep your equipment running. We can also provide training options to help your operators upgrade and maintain their equipment operation skillsets. 

Customer proximity

Around the corner and around the globe, we have the largest and most extensive service network in the industry. We strive to be the leading local crane maintenance provider in all markets.