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Why Modernize Your Crane?

Extend the service life of your overhead crane

An aged crane can be given new life. You may want to increase the speed and lifting capacity, enhance ergonomics and operator comfort, apply new safety features and positioning capabilities, or simply replace high-maintenance, obsolete components with newer technology. Whatever your need, a modernization may be a viable option to protect and extend your original investment.

Rebuild your productivity

A decision to modernize is often based on a need to achieve greater performance and throughput, and sometimes to support an entirely new process. With the right modernization, you'll end up with a fully integrated system that is tailored to the needs of your operation.

Begin with a Crane Reliability Study

A Crane Reliability Study from Konecranes provides a detailed analysis of your crane in relationship to its application. We’ll evaluate the structural integrity of the crane and the condition of mechanical and electrical components. We’ll also study load and duty requirements and maintenance records. After analyzing all these factors against the required performance needs, we will identify the most appropriate system upgrade and corresponding modernization plan.

Get the advantages of a new crane at less cost

If your needs for crane modernization extend beyond basic upgrades to improve safety, reliability and performance, we can rebuild your old crane to meet the demands of today’s high-technology standards, typically at a substantially lower cost than for a new crane.

Create a safer workplace

Technology that improves safety is developing more rapidly than ever before. Since your overhead crane was first built, safety regulations may have changed. A modernization will help you comply with current safety regulations and may reduce the risk of downtime, injuries or damage to facilities, materials or products.

Trust the modernization leader

Konecranes is a leading provider of overhead crane modernizations with more than 100 years of experience. Our professionals are skilled and experienced in modernizations, large and small. We have the scale, expertise, technology and resources to modernize any make or model of overhead crane.