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Electric Chain Hoist Replacement

CLX Chain Hoist

A long-lasting hoist that changes with your needs

A Konecranes hoist retrofit will give years of high-duty performance. Konecranes chain hoists are designed for flexibility and durability in industrial applications.

You can use the electric chain hoists at a workstation, on an overhead travelling crane or with a jib crane. Konecranes CLX® chain hoists are ideal replacement hoists for all these applications.

You can move the electric chain hoists around your workshop and put them to different uses. Compact headroom, hook suspension, push trolley, motorized trolley and many other options give you the flexibility you need.

Konecranes chain hoist retrofits make for easy access and maintenance

With CLX, the hoist motor is easy to access, maintain and replace. The same easy serviceability applies to the chain drive, slip clutch, hoist limit switches, electrics and gears. As a result, the maintenance time and cost for the hoist is reduced, and productivity is increased by shorter downtime.

A hoist retrofit can support workplace safety

The standard upper and lower limit switches of Konecranes hoists are durable. Protected against environmental influences, they bring improved safety and performance to the hoist and the user.

The brake is a critical part of the chain hoist and the safety of your lifting equipment. Our self-adjusting brake is designed to last the complete lifetime of the hoist.

Konecranes patented chain drive causes less stress on the chain, which can enhance workplace safety while extending the lifetime of your new hoist. The brake and the slip clutch are features that reduce the likelihood of a load drop in the event of a clutch failure.

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