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Waste to energy and biomass crane technology

Smart Features

Smart Features can help streamline your load lifting and moving operations, increasing equipment ease of use and reducing material cycling time.


Sway Control and Active Sway Control limit load swing by controlling bridge and trolley acceleration and deceleration. This allows for safe and precise load movement that reduces damage risk and improves cycle times. The operator can use full crane, trolley and hoists speed even while driving close to the walls, and the risk of grab damage is reduced.


The Protected Areas feature can be used to assign spatial parameters for crane operation, automatically limiting crane movement to designated working areas only. This maximizes crane operation space while helping to reducing the risk of accidents, equipment collisions and load damage.


Target Positioning allows for the programming of up to 120 target position presets. With a single button, an operator can lift a load to a predetermined height, move it to one of the programmed locations and place it.

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Save up to 30% of your crane electricity consumption with regenerative braking

Regenerative braking is a system that sends some power back to a crane’s power grid during every downward or decelerated motion, instead of being dissipated by resistors. Konecranes’ network braking removes the need for external braking resistors. This system decreases crane downtime, and it is more applicable for several supply voltages. Best of all, it saves energy and returns clean, low harmonic power to the network.