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Paper warehouse management

A warehouse management system can help you increase your productivity and minimize lost or damaged rolls.

When paper rolls are transported from the floor to your warehouse, roll data can be transferred to the Warehouse Management System, a module within the Automatic Storage and Retrieval System. This module tracks roll timestamp and location, helping you monitor and manage paper inventory online.

Efficient use of space and time

The WMS can give handling systems direct instructions for roll storage, with the goal of making sure that paper storage is safe and space efficient. This automation can keep employees out of harm’s way, while reducing long-term forklift and manpower costs.
The tracking of storage also allows for quick and accurate roll retrieval. Constant access to roll manufacture and storage dates can help you avoid losing rolls or finding them stale.

The Warehouse Management System can give the conveyor control system destinations for the rolls. It can also inform the conveyor system of the most suitable input location in the warehouse, so the warehouse is optimally filled and the transfer times inside the warehouse are minimized.

The right storage equipment

Konecranes automated vacuum lifters and mechanical grippers are designed to handle paper rolls gently, reducing the roll damage and deformation that can be caused by lift truck clamps.