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EX Workstation Cranes

Lift more in a hazardous environment

Konecranes EX workstation cranes give your productivity a boost when you install them in your facility. With ATEX-certified electrics and a strong metal structure, a 2,000 kg capacity and an optimized working area below, they fit perfectly into most hazardous environment.

Machined wheels and quality bearings ensure smooth traveling and reduce noise. Available in both steel and aluminum, the weld-free modular system makes the cranes safer and easier to install, maintain, and modify.

How to choose the right metal

When you need strength and durability, the EXXM steel profile system is the right choice. Long suspension distances reduce the size of the crane structure and make the most of the space available. Dust and dirt protection lowers maintenance costs and increases the lifetime of your crane.

When you need a lighter crane with shorter runways, the EXXA aluminum profile system is a great option. A high structural stiffness minimizes dead weights. Its anodized aluminum is ideal for clean environments and protects your crane from corrosion.

EXXA and EXXM cranes can be used together with other EX-certified lifting equipment, such as EX hoists.

The right metal gives you the right solution.

Adaptable to your in-line process

Easy adaptability means you can use the EXXM or EXXA anywhere a hazardous environment may occur throughout your production line.

Contact Konecranes today to learn more about how our EX workstation cranes suit your lifting needs.


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