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Container Lift Trucks

Container lift trucks

Konecranes enjoys a long history working with leading container ports and terminals. Our customers are expert buyers and operators of container lift trucks. We meet their requirements of high utilization year after year. Whether you chose empty container handlers or laden container handlers, with Konecranes your investment is secure.

Powerful and agile container lift trucks

Konecranes empty container lift trucks offer a very fast total operating speed as a function of lifting, lowering and driving speed, based on load-sensing hydraulics. The range has mid-mounted or rear-mounted cabins and excellent stability. Konecranes laden container lift trucks offer a fast total operating speed (lifting + lowering + driving speed). The ratio of lifting capacity to truck size and length is best-in-class. Our heavy-duty top-loaders are very stable and still compact.

Technology that's smarter where it matters

Konecranes container lift trucks are built on a special heavy-duty, box-type chassis that withstands the harshest container handling conditions. The engine is a certified low-emission engine providing extra high torque at low revs, reduced fuel consumption and low noise levels. Safety is paramount for Konecranes: we offer a range of safety options including the NearGuard warning system, a tire pressure monitoring system, and a fire alarm and suppression system. The cabin, ErgoCab, is truly spacious and can be customized precisely as you need. It provides excellent visibility in all directions and unmatched operator comfort and safety.

Strong service for your container lift trucks

When you invest in a Konecranes container lift truck, you get the world's hardest-working container lift trucks and service provided by the world's most dedicated lift truck specialists. If you need technical support, training or maintenance, the Konecranes lift truck team is here to improve that your container lift trucks uptime.

Konecranes Liftace empty container handlers

Konecranes Liftace empty container handlers are part of the new Konecranes Liftace lift truck family. These durable empty container handlers have a load capacity of 8-9 tons. They are simple to maintain, and a high degree of standardization gives the benefit of a short lead time.


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