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Crane and Hoist Gear Case Inspection

Gear Case Inspection

A crane has a number of critical components: couplings, hook blocks, hook shanks, wire ropes, below-the-hook devices, gear cases and others. Sometimes a more detailed evaluation of these components is necessary than can be performed during regular inspections and preventive maintenance. 

Many countries have regulations requiring open gear case inspections. Check your local regulations, along with the original manufacturer’s requirements, to see how frequently your gear case needs to be inspected, or call your local Konecranes service branch for assistance.

Gear case failure

Cranes that have been used heavily, or that have been in service for many years, can develop cumulative fatigue and other adverse characteristics. In extreme conditions, a gear case might fail catastrophically, resulting in a load drop. For compliance and safety we recommend a Gear Case Inspection to determine the condition of your overhead crane gears and related components.

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Gear Case Inspection

In a gear case inspection, a trained specialist will perform a visual inspection of key components and assess your maintenance and inspection history for insight into the usage of the crane. The inspector typically checks the oil level and inspects the gear case interior and gear surfaces using an endoscope. An oil sample may be collected for laboratory analysis to detect the presence of burnt oil, metallic particles and other potential symptoms of running problems. A Regular Gear Case Inspection can be performed at any time, particularly on cranes with suspected gear case issues. If a deficiency is detected, an Advanced Gear Case Inspection may be recommended for further analysis.

Advanced Gear Case Inspection

In an Advanced Gear Case Inspection, the gear case is disassembled and the internal components are tested using non-destructive testing techniques such as dye-penetrant and magnetic rubber. The Advanced Gear Case Inspection is recommended for equipment more than 10 years old, high duty and cycle applications, gears with thin rim or welded spoke design, equipment being used beyond its original design, process critical cranes and equipment with an unknown history. This inspection can reveal faint or small deficiencies that cannot be seen with the unassisted eye, yet may result in future issues if left unresolved.

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Internal gear case components are not typically evaluated during periodic inspections and other compliance inspections. Contact your nearest Konecranes service branch to set up a Gear Case Inspection appointment today.