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EX Manual Hoists and Trolleys

No electricity, no worries

Konecranes EKM2 manual chain hoists and EKPT manual trolleys don't need electrical power. That means you can lift in places where electricity is not available or difficult to connect. They are a cost-effective solution when you don't need them to lift every day.

Safety is always crucial at Konecranes. The mechanics of the EKM2 and the EKPT have been designed to reduce the risk of sparks under normal operating conditions, earning them an ATEX certificate. No electronics means no risk of a short circuit in a hazardous environment.

A robust hoist is a better hoist

A galvanized load chain, a stainless steel hand chain, copper coating and powder painting protect the metal surfaces against wear and corrosion. ISO hooks with a safety latch, an overload limiter and rubber buffers all ease load handling. It's safe, easy to use, durable and low maintenance, and fully ATEX certified.

You can get the EKM2 in a hook suspended, chain travel trolley or push travel trolley version. Available options make it flexible for your lifting requirements. Combine the EKM2 hoist with the EKPT trolley for the optimal manual hoist, lifting 500 kg to 20 metric tons.

An economical, reliable hoist as required

Sometimes you need a special hoist temporarily, during hectic work periods. Built to last, the EKM2 and EKPT are good investments. In the long-term, they are cheaper than renting, and there is no delivery time: they are always on hand when you need them.

Contact Konecranes today to talk about how our EKM2 manual chain hoist and EKPT manual trolley suit your lifting needs.