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Wire Rope Hoist Replacement

Wire Rope Hoist Retrofit

Has your hoist reached the end of its productive design life? No matter how well maintained, your hoist won’t last forever.

Konecranes CXT hoist can be retrofitted onto most cranes. Our pre-engineered hoist retrofits are designed for easy installation, causing minimal disturbance to your production.

CXT hoists improve load handling and simplify maintenance

The CXT hoist has many features that ease load handling and maintenance. With Adaptive Speed Range (ASR), the motor speed varies according to the load. This allows for optimal speed and enhanced safety when handling heavier loads. Its service-friendly reeving design provides improved access to the upper rope sheaves and overload device, making rope changes, rope length adjustments and sheave replacements fast and easy.

Low-maintenance brakes designed to last

The hoist motor brakes are sealed and dust-proof. Built for low maintenance and trouble-free operation, CXT brakes are designed to require minimal adjustment and built to last numerous operating cycles.

Motor design for quick maintenance

The unique placement of the motor inside the drum protects the motor from contaminants, while increasing the cooling ability. The design makes the motor and brake easily accessible for maintenance.