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MAINMAN Planned Maintenance

MAINMAN Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance powered by experience and technology

MAINMAN Planned Maintenance is the foundation for the CARE Preventive Maintenance Program. It is a maintenance service that provides you with a baseline for planning, tracking, reporting and maintenance consultations. Our consultative approach is supported by our unique MAINMAN technology, proprietary Risk and Recommendation Method and global maintenance expertise.

It is unique in the overhead crane industry and is designed to provide an in-depth picture of the condition of your equipment as well as routine maintenance work, such as adjusting and lubricating, with the intent of satisfying manufacturers’ maintenance recommendations. This service includes a preventive maintenance inspection, visual checks, routine maintenance, and operational and functional testing of your lifting equipment.

When it comes to crane inspections and maintenance, Konecranes brings decades of experience supported by our proprietary MAINMAN technology platform. We can provide you with more intelligent, more responsive customer care.

MAINMAN technology represents a new and improved approach

Choose MAINMAN for maintenance and inspection features that include:

  • Paperless service and inspection reports
  • Integrated business reviews and safety reviews
  • a web portal that provides real-time browser-based access to your equipment data and maintenance history
  • Improved safety reporting that highlights safety related issues and risks

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