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Environmental management

Companies can no longer focus only on their direct environmental footprint. They must define the value they are creating for their stakeholders and society around them. Konecranes wants to be the forerunner in eco-efficient equipment and services as well as in operational environmental performance. In practice, this means that we continuously improve the environmental performance of our products, processes and services and our performance on manufacturing sites.

We are constantly developing new ways to reduce or eliminate the negative environmental impacts of our products, services, and activities and grasp the opportunity to bring value, improved safety and productivity to the customer beyond the actual lifting of goods and things in their operations.

Konecranes is committed to protecting the environment by preventing and minimizing harmful discharges into air, water and ground, using resources efficiently, complying with environmental laws and regulations and by providing eco-efficient solutions and services to customers. The cutting edge of our environmental work is to continuously improve energy and resource efficiency, considering both our operations and products. Environmental considerations are taken into account for the whole product life cycle to achieve considerable improvements in environmental performance and carefully selecting raw materials and chemicals.

With regard to resource-efficiency, the concept of circular economy is providing us interesting opportunities to consider different business models and achieving environmental footprint reduction on the full lifecycle level. Significant savings could be obtained through renting, repairing, modernizing, reusing, and recycling our products.  


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