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Shipyard lifting expertise

Our cranes will work reliably in the weather conditions that prevail at your shipyard. We have delivered cranes to the Arctic north, where they withstand
extreme sub-zero temperatures. We have also sent cranes to desert environments, where they endure dust storms and extreme heat. And everything in between.

They function well in every kind of climate and they come in all shapes and sizes. Konecranes shipyard lifting equipment ranges from small chain hoists that can raise a few dozen kilos, all the way up to the enormous Goliath Gantry Crane, which we have delivered with a lifting capacity of 2,000 tons combined with a 210-meter railspan in a single crane.

Safety and performance are quantitative measures that you know you can rely on from our proven track record. But in order to exceed your expectations, we also pay careful attention to several other factors that are very important:

Innovation for shipyards: working closely with shipyards, our own in-house research and development constantly refines our products with new technology and design innovations in a process of continuous improvement.

Rigidity: the tightest tolerances in structural flexibility enable accurate load handling. Weight

optimization: the weight of the crane is a key element in the design of infrastructure needed for crane installation. Our design makes intelligent use of light and rigid structures at a level that no other company in the industry can match.

Environmental features: many Konecranes products have a brake power feedback system as standard to cut energy costs and help preserve the environment.

Ease of maintenance: our general principle is that any component requiring maintenance shall be accessible, and all components that may fail during the life of the crane shall be easy to replace.

In-house technology: we design and manufacture the key components of our cranes in-house. This means that a high degree of component standardization can be achieved across your lifting equipment, making spare part supply simpler and maintenance more cost-effective.

Operator experience: Successful Formula One racing teams have a great car, a great driver and a great pit team – when all the parts work together flawlessly, the race is won. But it’s the driver who stands on the podium. We like to think of your crane operators in the same way. Thanks to almost unlimited drive tuning options, comfortable cabin outfitting, high visibility, and fully adjustable seats, your operator is well taken care of.