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Konecranes RENTALL

You don’t always have to buy a crane

Konecranes RENTALL gets you a premium crane without a large one time investment. After site-related costs, transportation, installation, commissioning and initial inspection, you pay only a fixed monthly fee that includes comprehensive crane service and maintenance.

With service you can be assured that your lifting equipment operates and runs smoother, and grows with your business. This gives you a freedom to concentrate on your core activities.

Konecranes RENTALL is available in certain market areas.

Flexible production but predictable costs

We understand how important it is to invest in production equipment when building your business. RENTALL is an easier and more straightforward option than an up-front purchase: it makes your crane an operating expense rather than a capital investment.

The Konecranes RENTALL process is simple, with a minimum contract period of 36 months. Just select the crane or hoist you want from our product portfolio with lifting capacity up to 20 tons. A fixed monthly charge means easy budgeting, and when your production changes, your equipment can be easily upgraded to match your new requirements.

Everything you need for lifting with one fixed price

RENTALL makes it easy to manage costs with a fixed monthly fee. That fee includes preventive maintenance with TRUCONNECT Remote Service, routine maintenance including all wear and tear parts, repairs and 24/7 on-call service to help keep your lifting equipment running.

At the end of the rental period, you can decide how to proceed: you can continue the rental agreement, buy the equipment with an agreed “buying option price”, or simply return the equipment to Konecranes.

Contact us today to learn if Konecranes RENTALL is the right choice for your processes.