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Hook Analysis

A deep look at the condition of your crane hook

The crane hook and bottom block components are stressed during each hoisting cycle. Hooks can fail due to cumulative fatigue. These failures often start as a fatigue crack in the hook shank. Heavy process-duty applications, changes in application and the use of below-the-hook lifting devices can all contribute to cumulative fatigue.

Calculating the remaining fatigue life of your hook

The Konecranes Hook Analysis utilizes visual and NDT inspections combined with fatigue calculations of the hook/shank and critical components of the bottom block. We're able to calculate the remaining fatigue life of your crane hook by reviewing the operating history of the crane and using that in conjunction with the reeving system dimensions. Our expert consultation on hook life, condition and safety can be helpful in planning, troubleshooting, and accident investigation. Konecranes uses the most current hook standard and analysis methods to estimate hook life.

Recommendations are provided for the continued use of the hook along with a detailed continuing inspection plan.