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Environmental Product Declarations

Konecranes is committed to providing eco-efficient solutions and services to customers. The focus is to continuously improve energy and resource efficiency of our products taking the whole life cycle into consideration to achieve considerable improvements in environmental performance. We use Design for Environment (DfE) concept in product design that helps turning the promises of our environmental policy into actions. The DfE guidelines define how environmental aspects should be taken into consideration throughout during product development and guides how to do that.

Generally, it is known that 70-80% of the product’s environmental impacts during its life cycle are determined already at the design phase. Therefore, taking environmental aspects into consideration early, when the product is under design, we can significantly improve the environmental performance of the product. The use phase of Konecranes products can be very long, and this is why significant environmental improvements can be achieved through smarter and more resource efficient products.

As a last phase, we add the environmental information in product documentation by conducting Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). This document provide all necessary environmental information for the whole life cycle of the product. To increase transparency, we use a third part service provider to conduct a critical review on our claims and the data presented.


Please contact our sales to get the EPD´s for the following products:

  • RTG
  • RMG
  • ARMG
  • CXT