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Agilon Features and Implementing Process

Features designed to enhance your materials handling processes

We have worked with companies from various industries for decades and understand the challenges in materials handling. Processes must be efficient, cost effective, productive and safe. Agilon brings a solution with accurate and traceable transcations, automated tasks, efficient and on-time material input/output, improvement of internal logistics and space utilization.

Adaptable and adjustable modular system

Every Agilon solution is designed to suit the specific needs and objectives of each customer. Thanks to its modular structure, the physical system can be expanded at any time after installation. Parts of the Agilon can be connected using trasportation tubes, creating a network that can consist of multiple shelves in different places and even separate floors.

A complete system that can be installed in a few weeks

It´s easy to get started, as the system only requires a suitable premises, an internet connection and an earthed electrical socket. Agilon consists a shelving system, user access points, one or several robots travelling within the shelving, and a net portal where you can remotely track stock information. The system comes with a comprehensive service contract that includes software, maintenance, spare parts, 24/7 Global Technical Support and an option for further expanding.


Konecranes Agilon materials handling and management system

A totally new warehouse automation solution Agilon optimizes materials handling processes and in-house logistics. It brings the right parts in the right place at the right time.