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RailQ™ Crane Runway Survey

Survey the alignment of your crane rails

Konecranes RailQ Runway Survey is an industry-leading rail analysis. It delivers accurate alignment information of your rail and expert recommendations for corrective action.

Cranes should travel or track along their runway rails with a minimum of skew and without binding. Improper tracking leads to premature wheel and rail wear, resulting in costly repairs and downtime, as well as inefficient and suboptimal crane operation.

There are many reasons why a crane does not travel correctly on the runway:

  • Rail may be misaligned or worn
  • Clips may be missing
  • Pads may be worn
  • Runway structure is uneven, bent or twisted due to column settlement, overloads or impacts
  • Corrosion
  • Improper installation

Improper tracking is normally investigated by performing a traditional runway survey. However, these surveys may result in days of costly downtime, and the results may not be accurate or clear and may not offer corrective actions.

Konecranes RailQ Runway Survey uses a remotely operated robot combined with a visual inspection to provide you with an in-depth view of the alignment and condition of your crane rail. RailQ measurements include span, straightness, elevation and rail-to-rail elevation.

RailQ can be performed on virtually any runway including those for overhead cranes, port cranes and woodyard cranes. The runway survey includes:

  • A visual inspection of the crane runway
  • Measurement of the alignment of your crane runway.
  • Calculations based on measured data with proprietary analysis and visualization software
  • 3D and 2D visualizations of the runway rails
  • Identification of straightness, span or elevation issues

Konecranes engineers review all collected data and provide recommendations for corrective actions.

Benefits of RailQ

• Requires less time than a traditional survey
• Provides accurate information on the condition and alignment of the rail
• Offers reliable results through the systematic application of technology by skilled people