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Modernization with EXCXT hoist

SABIC, Wilton, UK

SABIC, the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals. At its Wilton site in Teeside, SABIC, SABIC UK produces petrochemicals, including propylene and ethylene.

In this kind of business, cranes are a critical part of the maintenance process, so SABIC UK decided to modernize their 20-ton maintenance cranes to improve safety and reliability. Konecranes was the supplier chosen to perform the work.

The plant’s old cranes were fully pneumatic, with air-driven motors for all movements. Modernization included removal of the trolleys, a complete stripping of existing controls, installation of new trolleys and electrical control systems, and new power supply systems for the crane, trolley and crane controllers.

New hoists with secure futures

“EXCXT hoists were the right solution for this project,” says Heikki Kreku, a Konecranes UK Engineering Manager. Thanks to the refurbishment, spare parts are now readily available. The crane modernization greatly reduces the risk that SABIC UK might run into any problems during a plant maintenance turnaround event.

SABIC was very pleased with the result of this modernization project. They also appreciated the safe working practices and professional conduct of the Konecranes site technicians involved. Inspection and maintenance contracts are now in place for both SABIC UK sites, Wilton and North Tees.