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Pioneering single failure proof cranes

Pioneering single failure proof cranes

Konecranes Supersafe™ single failure proof cranes provide an unprecedented level of safety for the most critical nuclear operations, such as nuclear fuel handling.

These highly specialized cranes are designed to prevent load drop during the occurrence of any single failure of the lifting system, providing the highest level of operational safety in the industry.

Our latest, third-generation single failure proof design is founded on solid experience gained over decades of machine design, field installations and service support. It meets strict nuclear regulatory standards, such as ASME NOG-1 and NUREG-0554.

Many of the patents and designs involved in our single failure proof lifting equipment have become the basis for single failure proof designs of the future. Our paper, “Single Failure Proof Hoisting System for use on reactor and Spent Fuel cask cranes in Nuclear Power Plants (CS-71),” released in 1978, featured concepts that helped inform regulatory standards—such as those supported by ASME NOG-1. 

To provide our customers the best possible single failure proof equipment, we take extraordinary measures to understand how our equipment will perform over long periods of time. Our single failure proof design has been tested under severe and rigorous industrial operating conditions simulating more than 40 years of normal nuclear operation.