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Connecting with crane service customers on a personal basis

Our consultative approach can help guide your decision making. We don’t just drop off a report on the way out. We take time to meet with you one-on-one and share our findings, provide recommendations based on our industry-leading expertise and discuss how each action impacts your operations and the entire health of your business.

Our proprietary Risk and Recommendation Method is the basis of our inspection and preventive maintenance processes. No matter what service is being performed, Konecranes Risk and Recommendation Method drives our evaluations and consultative processes, giving you a safety and production advantage.

Inspection and preventive maintenance services include several key consultations including:

Whenever a safety-related risk is detected, the inspector or technician will carry out a Safety Review with the customer before leaving the site or returning the equipment to operation.

At the completion of each service request, the inspector or technician will perform a Visit Review on site to share the insights of their inspection or maintenance findings, review the identified risks and improvement opportunities, and obtain decisions on recommended actions.

In a Service Review, a service professional from your local branch will follow up with you to go through open risk/recommendations and quotes, answer your questions and plan next steps.

Once a year or as needed, we’ll conduct a Business Review at your management level. This is an in-depth review of our service relationship -- looking at progress, feedback and documented value. We’ll discuss recommendations and plan jointly.