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Our knowledge and ability at your service

We understand how lifting technology is critical throughout the steel production process. Our long years of experience and continuous investments in R&D drive our innovation. 

Smart Features for easy and effective load handling

Konecranes Smart Features can be added to your steel facility cranes to make them safer and easier to use.

Some examples of our Smart Features:

  • Sway Control limits load swing by controlling bridge and trolley acceleration and deceleration. This allows for faster load handling and more precise positioning.
  • Load Floating maintains the position of a load after hoisting, creating smoother, faster restart movement and reducing brake wear.
  • Target Positioning allows for the programming of up to 120 preset target positions. With a single button, an operator can lift a load to a predetermined height, move it to one of the programmed locations and place it.
  • The Protected Areas feature lets you define protected zones such as production machinery or storage areas, where the crane is not allowed to enter.

Regenerative braking for energy savings

To be more eco-efficient, our cranes are available with the latest energy regenerating technology. The regenerative braking system sends some power back to the crane’s power grid during every downward or decelerated motion, instead of being dissipated by resistors. This can save up to 30% of crane electricity consumption. 

Designed for performance

Konecranes is dedicated to research and development to design cranes that help improve your safety, load handling, reliability and performance.

  • Our compact hoists with reduced hook approaches create more usable workspace and minimal headroom requirements.
  • Our CXT hoist uses an innovative rope reeving system that is designed to extend the lifetime of the ropes
  • Energy-saving Konecranes drives are designed especially for crane use.
  • Our hot metal cranes are designed with increased working coefficients, a differential gear reducer, redundancy in all critical systems, a backup brake on the rope drum, and motion limiters.

Steel crane automation

Automated crane operation is especially useful in steel end product storage and warehouse functions. Transporting and storing steel are vital but repetitive processes that can be performed most accurately, efficiently and quickly with semi-automatic or fully automatic crane operations.