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Why choose Konecranes

Konecranes helps major automobile manufacturers around the world stay on track with their demanding production schedules. From the many years of experience supporting the industry, we know that automakers can’t afford production delays. Just one weak link in the material handling chain — failure of one piece of equipment — can throw everything off schedule.

That’s why the auto industry has come to rely on our experience and the rugged dependability of our automotive industry cranes. These cranes are engineered to safely and efficiently manage heavy loads and short cycles.

We have the technology that helps you save: you can save on building and maintenance costs with our space-saving crane design and save on energy consumption with regenerative braking.

With Konecranes Smart Features, the work cycle is substantially shorter. Features for sway control, hook centering, positioning and protected areas allow operators to move loads more safely and quickly.

Our TRUCONNECT Remote Service can help you make decisions about maintenance investments and productivity. Remote Monitoring gives you visibility to crane usage and operating data.

Lift trucks and reach stackers can be used throughout your process and our technologies can help lower running costs and have a smaller environmental impact.

When you choose Konecranes, you acquire a unique source of global experience and knowledge combined with local know-how to empower your lifting and increase your productivity. We have a unique understanding of how lifting can meet your process requirements and will deliver the right lifting equipment and service to match your needs.