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EXCXT Electric Wire Rope Hoists

A new way to do things even more safely

The Konecranes EXCXT electric hoist with wire rope brings a new approach to lifting in hazardous environments. A special version of our popular CXT hoist, unique mechanics reduce ignition risks under standard operating conditions. Constantly updated with the latest technology, the EXCXT has created a new industry benchmark that's hard to beat.

International EX certification, namely ATEX, CSA US, IECEX and INMETRO for gas and dust is one important factor to prove that safety is always the highest priority for us at Konecranes. Class F insulation, IP65 protection for electrical enclosures and IP66 for motors comes standard. The electrical components and motor are designed and built to EX regulations, and are carefully shielded inside enclosures with de-protection.

Easy and adaptable wire rope hoist

An EXCXT hoist gives you easy load handling with exceptional performance designed to increase your productivity. All hoist systems, including the hoisting motors, limit switch and mechanical overload protection, have been fully tested for reliability. An ergonomic user interface allows the operator to focus on lifting, ensuring easier and safer load handling. If high-level precision is required, optional inverter travelling offers additional accuracy and safety.

We know that your lifting environment is unique, so we offer many optional features. You can choose your hoisting speed, have an extra brake, include a load display, get a weather cover, add a radio control, request special trolley attachments – for example. This is not the full list.

You can change the optional features as your needs change. We help you lift the way you want to.

A multi-purpose addition to your team

The EXCXT hoist is the core of the EXCXT crane. Get a new EXCXT hoist for your existing EX crane, or get a whole brand new EXCXT crane. Either way, you will see the benefits of the Konecranes EXCXT technology.

Contact Konecranes today to learn more about how our EXCXT hoist suits your lifting needs.


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