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Ambridge Regional Center offers in excess of 1.2 million square footage of industrial, commercial and office space for lease at rates extremely competitive to the market.

Safety first

Ambridge Regional Manufacturing Center is committed to safety and quality, as evidenced by their building specifications, which exceed standards for column width and height for warehousing and distribution companies. This focus on quality and safety extends to their overhead crane service —a fact that was made clear when Damian Rose, new business development for Konecranes, approached Ambridge Regional Center about MAINMAN®, a systematic inspection program designed to reduce breakdowns. Tim Gilligan, maintenance manager at Ambridge Regional Center, agreed. “I knew it would not only keep our downtime to a minimum—it would also help keep the cranes as safe as possible,” said Gilligan.

Critical check

When Konecranes performed its MAINMAN inspection, they discovered that a few of the gear teeth had worn down due to frequent use. “Tim was very surprised and grateful that we found this issue,” said Rose. “There was no hesitation in his mind about performing the repair. He rushed to get the issue corrected.”

After the fast and careful repair work from Konecranes, Ambridge Regional was able to continue without incurring down time. For a business that handles 40 plus rail cars and up to 60 truck loads a month, additional downtime could have set them severely behind schedule.