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Automation is the answer to one of the major challenges faced by container terminals today: how to handle the steadily growing number of containers transported on ever larger vessels in an eco-efficient manner. Konecranes has always been a pacesetter in this area and has established reliable complete solutions with AGVs, ARMGs and, most recently, ARTGs. Konecranes now offers automated straddle carrier and sprinter carrier systems.

The automation of straddle carriers presents some specific challenges for the supplier of integrated systems. The straddle carrier not only combines the two functions of “horizontal transport” and “storage” in one machine. Its basic design with a high center of gravity (compared to AGVs, for example) and relatively low rigidity (versus ARTGs or ARMGs, for example) also requires special expertise in order to achieve successful automation.

Konecranes Noell A-STRADs are based on the winning machine design of the manual straddle carriers, known for being particularly powerful, robust and reliable.

Konecranes draws upon acknowledged leading technology that is constantly being developed further, not only for the straddle carriers themselves but also for sub-systems such as the interchange and fence control systems and software.