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Lifting technology is critical throughout the entire steel production process. Steel warehousing relies on a variety of lifting equipment, from gantry and bridge cranes to wall console and jib cranes. These cranes must withstand the pressure of moving hundreds of tons of product, whether it’s 50 mm structural tubing, 27-meter-long plates, or 80-ton coils. From front to back, the operation requires safety, reliability and efficiency.

This white paper, based on 80 years of experience with manufacturing and servicing lifting equipment, presents five elements to consider in the crane selection process. Follow this step-by-step guide to help you determine the best lifting equipment for your steel warehousing facility:

1. Assess your lifting needs.
2. Determine your duty classification.
3. Explore your technology options.
4. Decide on hook attachments.
5. Look beyond the crane.