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Automated container handling is well-established in Automated RMG (ARMG) container yards around the world. The benefits of automating a container terminal operation are well-known: increased safety, greater productivity and better predictability. It’s time to bring these important benefits to your RTG-based container terminal operation. Now you can factor automation into your business planning: the future of your RTG container terminal just got brighter.

Join the yard revolution with Konecranes Automated RTGs (ARTGs). You can use your existing yard infrastructure, including the yard surface.

 Automated RTG operation is within your reach.

If you already have Konecranes RTGs with Active Load Control, we offer an upgrade package that contains everything needed to move to Automated RTG operation. You don’t have to make heavy investments in infrastructure. You can use your current yard, starting with one or more container stacks. If you’re planning a new RTG container terminal, this is a great opportunity to build an Automated RTG operating model with us.

The ARTG system comprises:

• Konecranes 16-wheel RTG with Active Load Control and Autosteering
• RTG power option: one of cable reel, busbar, diesel fuel saver
• Process study of yard set-up
• Automation hardware
- Remote Operating Station (ROS)
- Truck guidance system (lights)
- Intelligent gate
- Yard infrastructure as needed
• Automation software
- Operating system for ROS
- IT architecture with TOS interface

It's about tolerance...

Time will tell, but the Konecranes RTG is probably the only RTG in the world that can be automated successfully for full-scale commercial terminal operation. Konecranes 16-wheel RTGs have the built-in tolerance to handle a rough yard surface in automated operation. This ability is the result of the holistic design of the Konecranes RTG, which brings together an intelligent steel structure that can flex like no other, and our Active Load Control system that eliminates container sway.

..of local variation

The Konecranes ARTG is built to handle the technical challenges of container positioning and measurement in automated operation.

Tolerating variation in the runway surface

• Slope variation
• Differences in height
• Bumps and obstacles

Tolerating variation in the stacking area

• Container bays can be at different angles to the crane
• Each container ground slot can have variations in stacking angle and height

Tolerating the rubber tires
Variations in tire condition and inflation