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Janina Kugel

Ms. Janina Kugel b. 1970
Member of the Board since 2016 and Member of the Human Resources Committee since 2017
M.Sc. (Econ.)

Principal occupation: Chief Human Resources Officer and Member of the Managing Board, Siemens AG, Germany, since 2015

Primary working experience
Siemens AG, Germany 2013–2015: Corporate Vice President, Human Resources;OSRAM, Germany 2012–2013: Chief Human Resources Officer Siemens SpA, Italy 2009–2012: Director, Human Resources
Siemens AG, Germany 2005–2009: Director, Corporate Development Executive
Siemens AG, Germany 2001–2004: Director, Strategy and Business Transformation
Accenture, Germany 1997–2000: Management Consultant

Current key positions of trust

Janina Kugel is independent of the company and its significant shareholders.